Professional Training of Finance & Accounting

Course: Professional Training of Finance & Accounting

Duration 3-6 Month

The Financial sector, more specifically, Banking Sector has become very vibrant after implementation of new economic policy and introduction of financial sector reforms by the Government/Reserve Bank Of India. The impact of these changes is seen in the form of competition, technological up-gradation, diversification and thrust on retail banking with aggressive marketing strategy. The need of the hour, therefore, is to face the challenges with efficient, dedicated and energetic staff having required knowledge and skill.

Keeping in view job prospects in banking & financial sector the objective of the course is to give in-depth knowledge of Banking & Finance to the students of commerce, management and economics with practical inputs and prepare them for career in Banks & other Financial Institutions.

The course is meant for the graduates of Commerce, Business Management and Economics. However, for the purpose of eligibility any graduate can apply.

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